Fundamental problem solving at the beginning of the programming journey

1) Find the prime numbers from an array:

You have an array of numbers = [2, 3, 6, 7, 13, 5, 139, 11, 16], and you have to find prime numbers from the collection and return an array as an output.

First, find what makes a number prime number. If a number is divided by 1 and only with this number itself, then that’s called prime. So, this should be the primary condition in finding the prime number.

Second, we have to put prime numbers to an array and finally return this array as an output. …

1) How Browser Dom works?

I will try to explain it in a simplified manner. Take a look at the following picture.

When our code is written in html and CSS, html code and CSS stylesheets are parsed by Html and CSS parser respectively. Then html tags are put in a Dom tree which look like the following picture. You can think of this like a reversed tree presentation where <html> is the root and is put in the top.

JavaScript is a single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronous, concurrent language. So, what? What I have to do with all this terms?

Let’s explain Event Loop and in the end we will talk about data type,

Single Threaded:

Think of a restaurant which name is JavaScript. Assume that you sit in a table waiting for the waiter to take order from you. After sometime waiter takes order from you and goes to the kitchen told the chef to server your order. And the waiter goes to another table and take the order from customer.

This waiter is performing the task of taking order from customer…


Javascript is asynchronous, single-threaded, non-blocking scripting language which sometime appears as a toy in the initial stage but it has huge root under the ground. That’s why it is a must for web developers for building high profile applications. It has destined to run as a scripting language in hosting environment like browser.


Javascript was created by Brendan Eich who was an engineer at Netscape in 1995. Early, it was called Livescript. But due to utilize the popularity of Java it was renamed Javascript later. This creates the all source of confusion although this to language have very few in…

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